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                    Armature Balancing Machine With Single Station

                    hc 10 armature balancer
                    Armature Balancer with Laser Alignment

                    The HC-5/1S is an armature balancing machine like the HC-5/2s, except the HC-5/1S is a single station armature balancer.

                    Hines also offers optional correction methods for manual, on-machine correction including contour mill, V-cut mill, and epoxy weight addition systems.

                    Armature Balancing Machine Models

                    (Click on model below for more detail)

                    hc 05 1s armature
                    Armature Balancing Machine

                    Armature balancers are based on the Hines Cradle Balancing Machine. For more information about these dynamic balancing machines click here.


                    Customer Showcase

                    "Our Hines balancer is working wonderfully for us. Your people have been very helpful when we do have a service need. The machine has served us well. Everybody has been very helpful and very prompt when we had a problem."


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