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                    Horizontal Cradle Balancing Machines

                    cradle universal balancing machine single and two planeUniversal Balancing Machine (HC)

                    The universal balancing machine is named for the wide variety of parts it can balance. It is also known as a cradle balancing machine because of the way the part is supported on the machine. This model of balancing machine can be used for both single and two plane rotor balancing. With the proper tooling and correction modes this "universal" balancer can be configured HC50to accommodate a variety of rotors up to 20,000 lbs.

                    On Machine correction (drill, mill, grind, punch, etc.) can be added to maximize efficiency and precision in production.

                    Universal Balancing Machine Features

                    • Force and Couple Unbalance
                    • Single Plane and Two Plane Measurement
                    • Dynamic Balancing
                    • Ability to handle a wide variety of part shapes and sizes
                    • Touchscreen Computer
                    • Easy To Operate
                    • Custom balancing software

                    Universal Balancer Applications:

                    • Armature BalancingCrankshaft balancing machine
                    • Combine Rotor Balancing
                    • Crankshaft & Engine Balancing, Industrial
                    • Crankshaft & Engine Balancing, High Performance
                    • Cutter Wheel Balancing
                    • Rotor Balancing
                    • Sheave Balancing
                    • Small Parts Balancing
                    • Super Charger Balancing



                    Customer Showcase

                    "Prior to getting the first 2 Hines balancers, we liked the interface on our 2 competitor Y balancers but we had to recomp every 15 minutes. We found out the Hines balancers are the best of them all by far. We have purchased additional Hines balancers since then. We rarely need any service. When service has been required, Hines has taken care of us."

                    Jack, Founder, Hessaire Products

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