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                    Computer Upgrades


                    Balancing Equipment Upgrades & Retrofits

                    Upgrade or refurbish your existing Hines balancing machine or retrofit a balancing machine from Micropoise, Heins Balancing Systems, Balco, Balstar, CWT, GH Balancer, Gilman Gisholt, IRD, Precibalance, Pro-bal, Space Electronics, Stewart-Warner, Turner, Westport, or other balancing machine manufacturer.

                    Computer Upgrade Packages

                    Upgrade your existing balancing equipment with the latest computer and software packages. Click on the text links below for more information.

                    computerretrofitH0 200re

                    Customer Showcase

                    "We have had two Hines Non-Rotating Balancers for a little over 2 years now. In the two years that we have had the two machines we’ve used them to balance 100,000 parts per month. The machines read the amount and angle of unbalance in about one second! We have found the machines to be very reliable, the service is good, and overall we are very satisfied with our Hines balancing machines."

                    Gregory, Engineer

                    Latest News

                    Hines is hiring for multiple positions
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