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                    Customer Service

                    The Hines Service Department is here to answer your questions.

                    Whether you need general help with your balancing concerns, or specific answer to technical questions, we're here to help. Also, since we build your balancing machines right here in Ann Arbor, we can supply you with any parts that you may need to enhance your system.

                    Online Support

                    Telephone Support

                    • Problem Solving via trouble-shooting techniques
                    • Set-up guidance
                    • Operating procedure guidance

                    Spare Parts

                    • 80% available immediately upon request
                    • Over Night Delivery in US, and Expedited International Delivery
                    • Large orders shipped within 10 working days

                    On-site Service

                    • Rapid response
                    • Highly trained Technicians
                    • Parts needed on-hand or readily available
                    • Training for operators
                    • Training for maintenance staff

                    Remote Diagnosis with EWON 

                    • Hines programmers and technicians can remotely troubleshoot to get your machine up and running faster

                    Calibration and Certification

                    Service Level Agreements

                    To maximize machine uptime, Hines Industries offers levels of service and support for existing customers. Our service level agreement plans let you budget for inspection, preventive maintenance and repairs in advance to ensure longevity, repeatability, accuracy and precision for your manufactured quality parts and meet your production requirements.


                    • Upgrades to latest computer systems, electrical systems, and mechanics
                    • Available on all makes and models of balancing machine manufacturers

                    Technical Publications

                    • Operators Manuals
                    • Maintenance Manuals
                    • Scale, Motor, and Specialty Manuals

                    Customer Showcase

                    "We have had two Hines Non-Rotating Balancers for a little over 2 years now. In the two years that we have had the two machines we’ve used them to balance 100,000 parts per month. The machines read the amount and angle of unbalance in about one second! We have found the machines to be very reliable, the service is good, and overall we are very satisfied with our Hines balancing machines."

                    Gregory, Engineer

                    Latest News

                    Hines is hiring for multiple positions
                    See All News From Hines

                    Not Finding what you're looking for? Let us help. Click here or Call (734) 769-2300.